Wall Mount Fan Vs Ceiling Fans – Which is Better?

Summer is a dreaded time in most of the eastern countries. With summer so near and banging on the door, many people now are looking to buy fans for their households or their office. Needless to say, of course, they are only looking for the best. However shopping is always a difficult job and amidst so many variations of colours, styles, mechanism and so on. On top of that, if you shopping for some essential household products, you would not want to mess it up.

If you are worried about what decision you must take and which fan you choose and other such dilemmas are haunting then give your mind a rest. There is no reason for you to fret as here you will get all the information you would want about fans is right here just a few scrolls down. There are mainly two traditional categories of fans. You can choose either a ceiling fan or a wall mount fan. Here as you read along you will see what these fans are, what are their advantages, how are they different, and of course which would be a better choice depending on your need. So read along to know more about how you could curb your dilemma regarding the perfect fan!

What is a Wall Mount Fan?

A wall mount fan is of course not quite the same as a ceiling fan. It is obvious enough that they are different from each other as a wall mount fan has its blades in a cage-like structure to keep the blades at a safe enough distance from people and also to keep the blades clean and to enable them to give a proper concentrated airflow. They are typically found mounted on walls in rooms, and hence the name. They are usually at the level of the eye of an individual of general measurements and are generally put up in some corner of the room to provide the proper airflow to every corner of the room. In comparison to ceiling fans, however, wall mount fans are considered a bit less efficient.

What are the features of a wall mount fan?

Wall mount fans are one of the oldest kinds of fans available in the market. It has been in the homes of people for a long time and still quite prevalent in use. Here are some features of a wall mount fan that makes it still a viable enough option for your homes.

  1. Oscillation: A wall fan can provide air to the entire room. It has an option to oscillate its head and hence provides equal airflow in every direction in the room. Also, a wall fan comes equipped with all necessary parts and that too already assembles so that the user can just put it up and enjoy disturbance-free airflow.
  2. Different airflow angles: Unlike ceiling fans, wall mount fans can provide air from different angles. This is especially useful in a room with many people as then no matter where someone is they are bound to get the necessary airflow. This facilitates the device to provide airflow over a larger range of area, making it an efficient choice.
  3. Space-saving: It just takes up a little space around a small corner of your room. On the wall too, it takes up quite a little amount of space, hence saving a lot of space.

What is a ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans are the ones that are mounted on the ceilings of your rooms. Its blades unlike the ones of a wall fan are not caged and are rather even larger than that of the wall fans. It cools a room a to a greater extent and is cheaper than air conditioners. It is hence a perfect example of getting great service at lower rates. What the fan does is that it gives the airflow in such a way that the warm air from around the floor of the room rises and the cooler air reaches the floor and towards the people in the room.

Being mounted on the ceiling, such a fan can provide a lot for airflow the wall-mounted fan, which can provide air in one direction at a time. It is usually the better choice if you are searching for a fan for your home. They are typically the kind of fans that are mostly found in homes. They even come with various accessories and decorations that will make them look attractive and add up to the glamour of your room.

What are the features of a ceiling fan?

A ceiling fan is in many ways a more efficient fan than a wall-mounted one. Even though it is almost same in terms of power consumption and so on, it is still much more efficient than a wall fan and here are some distinguishing features that back up the same:

  1. Efficiency: The ceiling fans are more power-efficient than wall mount fans. They take up less energy and can even work on inverters. So in case of a power cut, you can enjoy the cool air of the ceiling fan for a greater time than you could in case of a wall mount fan
  2. Consistent airflow: Unlike a wall mount fan a ceiling fan will provide a consistent airflow to all parts of the room at all times. A wall mount fan too gives air to every part of the room but not at the same time. A ceiling fan, however, provides air to every corner of the room at all times.
  3. Space-saving: A ceiling fan too is space-saving enough as it is upon the ceiling. Not much of our staff are up on the ceiling and even if there are things there, they usually hang from the ceiling and themselves take up small spaces as well. A ceiling fan goes straight up on the ceiling of a room and hence saves up big time on the space of the room where you can accommodate all the furniture and accessories that you would want to.

Which would be a better choice between a wall mount fan and a ceiling fan?

This is the main question that is bothering you right? It is indeed a valid enough dilemma. However, there is no one answer to this question. Your final choice would hugely vary on the reason behind your purchase. Depending on why you want to buy a fan and where you want to put it up you will have a different answer. A comparative study between the two can be done though, which will help you arrive at a decision keeping the reason behind your purchase in mind.

  1. A ceiling fan gives consistent airflow at all times to all corners of the room, which however is not possible for a wall mount fan. A wall mount fan provides airflow in one direction at one time.
  2. A ceiling fan takes up lower energy than a wall mount fan and can also be run on inverters during power cuts.
  3. A wall mount fan is cheaper than a ceiling fan.
  4. A wall mount fan comes all equipped and assembles with all its parts which cannot be done for a ceiling fan due to its size.

The conclusion that we could draw from here is that there is no one suitable option. If you are searching a fan for your office room where too many people would be working in different sections of the room, it would be more efficient if there were multiple wall mount fans in different corners of the room. However, if you are searching for a fan for your living room or your home, a ceiling fan would be the better option without a doubt. It would be cheaper, much more sophisticated in its outlook, and would even work on the inverter during a power cut. So depending on the reason behind your purchase, the suitability of the product would vary.

There are other choices that you could consider such as pedestal fans and other such options. However, a wall fan and a ceiling fan are the two traditional, and hence the two most trusted categories of fans ever. So if you find yourself shuffling for such an appliance you know which one to choose. You can also buy them online. Many sites specifically sell such power-driven goods. However, it would be advised that you do not take a risk with electrical goods over online purchases. If and when an electrical good gets spoiled in any way, it is difficult to get a proper service out of them. You are anyway spending so much on the equipment themselves, you would not for sure want to spend extra on damaged parts or the product as a whole. It would rather be a more viable option to visit a store and buy it only after you are sure the parts are all in their best conditions.

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