10 Best Ceiling Fans Under 1500 in India 2021

When it comes to hot and humid weather conditions in India, then the use of an electrical appliance is very apt. with these electrical appliances, you will get maximum airflow that keeps you away from hot and humid conditions. The sweaty weather is very irritating as it causes different diseases also. The heatstroke and sweat are the most prevalent in this weather condition. To combat the soaring heat of Indian weather, ceiling fans are way important. They provide effective airflow that keeps the sweat and harmful effect of humidity at bay. Here we are reviewing some of the best ceiling fans under Rs 1500 that provide some of the effective functions as well as equips the user with maximum value for their investment. These products are selected on the preference of pricing and other attributes that makes it productive enough.

Best Ceiling Fans under 1500 Rs in India

The following are the list of products that are way suitable for the Indian weather conditions. With these products, you can narrow down your choices while buying. These products are effective and help the user to get maximum relief in the scorching heat. Let’s delve into the all-around information about the best ceiling fan in India:

#1. Crompton Sea Wind 48-inch Ceiling Fan (Lustre Brown)

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When it comes to ceiling fans and getting optimal airflow, then this is the brand that provides a quality product. With this, you will get an assurance of performance and longevity. Different features of this ceiling fan enable to provide the desired performance. The effective mechanism of this fan helps it to get a grab over the maximum air thrust acquired. In summer you can get the optimal amount of comfort with the help of this fan.

At this price range if you are getting these features that help to get the maximum value for money, then it is truly beneficial. It comes with powder coated blades that resist it from getting corroded or acquiring rust. It also helps in providing better aesthetics to this fan. The availability of 100% copper with double ball bearings is capable of getting maximum speed altogether. These blades are dynamically balanced that helps in the revolution and air thrust.

For a longer life, each material used for manufacturing is made up of superior components. It comes with a sweep size of 1200mm and the motor is capable of providing speed up to 380RPM. With this mechanism, it is quite evident that you can get approx. 200COMM of water. Apart from these features, Crompton provides 2 years of manufacturing warranty that helps the user to get stress-free usage.

What we like:

  • Aluminum Body
  • Double Ball Bearing
  • 100% Copper Winding
  • High-Speed Fan
  • Corrosion resistance

#2. Bajaj Edge 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

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nest in the our list of best ceiling fan under 1500 inr in India is bajaj Edge . Bajaj is one of the brands that has built massive trust among the people. This is because it provides maximum reliability. This is the foremost factor that should be considered while buying these ceiling fans. At this pricing range, the availability of maximum features is scarce, but you can expect some of the virtues that are way efficient and productive.

The effective features of this fan constitute a fan that a total sweep length of 1200mm. It uses 56watts of power for smooth operation and capable of providing 205CMM of air delivery, which is apt for a ceiling fan under this price. It has substantially increased load-bearing capacity and durability due to the inclusion of double ball bearing. This also provides a flawless operation.

With the quick start, high torque motor one can get instantaneous comfort by getting optimal performance in a jiffy. Apart from this the stability of the fan is maintained through its ribbed blades that come with 2year of warranty on the product. It consumes a low amount of power with optimal motor speed. The rust-free coated finish is going to help you in all the effective ways as it keeps the fan away from corrosion and rust.

What we like:

  • Ribbed Blades
  • 2 years
  • Double ball bearing
  • Quick start high torque motor

#3. Bajaj Maxima 600 mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

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When it comes to the most trusted brand, then Bajaj provides all the essential features that help you to attain maximum airflow in the scorching summer season. The features of this fan make it quite apt for the Indian weather conditions. If you want to get maximum benefit, then this is the fan that has almost all the features in comparison to all its peers at this price tag. Opting this can help you in the best possible ways.

This fan comes with a sweep length of 600mm that provides apt air delivery of 110cmm. With the optimal speed of the 870RPM, you can get the maximum speed of the fan. The motor is rated at 66watts that helps to make this fan an energy-efficient appliance. It has a 3speed setting that provides dynamic change to speed. The motor is equipped with double ball bearing that increases the load-carrying capacity and also helps in providing maximum durability.

It has additional innovative features that help this to gain momentum over other peers. The quick start high torque is capable of providing comfort while performing at par level. It is equipped with 2 years of warranty that provides effective and hassle-free operation. The automatic winding provides consistent quality and reliability. The higher air delivery option even at low voltages provides an appealing touch.

What we like:

  • Load-bearing capacity
  • Quick-start High Torque Motor
  • High air delivery
  • Superior ball bearing a longer life

#4. Usha Diplomat 1200 mm 74-Watt Ceiling Fan (Rich Brown)

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Optimum airflow is needed whenever the summer gets hotter. This can be attained by the use of some of the electrical appliances that are way efficient. This is one of the best ceiling fans from a renowned brand that keeps you away from the soaring heat. There are some of the effective function of this ceiling that makes it quite apt. With the excessive features, one can easily get a hold of all the desired needs.

It is equipped with the blades that are made with a high lift angle for providing air widely. It means you can get most of the air delivery throughout the room. The whole fan body is equipped with glossy powder-coated paint the not only provides optimal finesse but also helps the product to achieve maximum life. With an effective mechanism, it works even on low voltage. You can expect an air delivery of 207cmm with 4 speed settings. With the motor power of 74 watts, one will get energy efficient functioning.

It comes with a sweep length of 1200mm that covers almost every corner of your room. It is equipped with 2 years of warranty that provides stress less usage. The whole package of this product contains all the relevant accessories such as Ceiling fan motor, Top canopy, Bottom canopy, Shackle assembly, down rod unassembled, Blade set pack. With the help of these accessories, you can acquire maximum functions that provide optimal value.

What we like:

  • High lift angle
  • Glossy powder coated paint
  • Bottom canopy
  • Shackle assembly
  • Blade set

#5. Bajaj New Bahar Deco 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

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When opt comes to optimal functioning, then the popularity of Bajaj fans is unmatched. This is one of the ceiling fans that have effective features and popular mechanism. This mechanism enables it to have all the relevant features that are apt for this price range. These features are way exemplary and help the user to get access to massive airflow altogether, which makes them very content in summer.

It is equipped with a sweep length of 1200mm that provides maximum exposure for the airflow, it helps to maintain an accurate airflow throughout the space. With the power of 73Watts, you will get optimum energy efficiency. The air delivery of 210CMM helps it to be super-efficient. It also comes with 380RPM that provides effective movement of air. The fan is equipped with double ball bearing the help in increasing the substantial load capacity and durability of the fan.

It has an innovative feature that provides maximum comfort by getting optimal performance in a jiffy. This function is known as a quick start torque motor. It provides additional weightage to the motor. The ribbed blades are responsible for improving blade stability. It is equipped with metal décor ornament finesse that makes it super trendy. The 2-year manufacturing warranty helps to gain access to optimum usage.

What we like:

  • Increases load-bearing
  • High performance
  • Blades Stability
  • Metalized décor ornament
  • Rust-free powder coated finish

#6. Crompton Sea Wind 48-inch Ceiling Fan (Opal White)

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Some of the features that make the ceiling fans efficient are solely present in renowned brand Crompton sea ceiling fans helps the user to combat the scorching heat by providing some of the best functions. At this price tag if you are getting this many features, then it quite evident that this is a good brand of a ceiling fan. We will provide all the relevant information about this piece of machinery that is going to help you in the best possible ways.

It provides air delivery of 200CMM that helps to get a cool and breezy atmosphere. With the simplistic design of this fan, one can get all the attributes intact. It is equipped with a sweep length of 1200mm that helps to provide airflow at each corner of the space. This is one of the high-speed fans that is unique. If you want ultimate safety, then opt for this and get all the desired functions.

It comes with 2years of warranty on a product that provides hassle-free usage to the user. You can get maximum out of this electrical appliance due to the effective features. These features are ample for a small space that needs good airflow. The package contains a Ceiling fan, Instruction manual, and Warranty card. With the effective aluminum body, you will get corrosion resistant and rust preventive body from this Crompton product.

What we like:

  • Simple design
  • Aluminum Body
  • corrosion resistance
  • powerful motor
  • 100% Copper Winding

#7. Double Activa Galaxy-1 390 RPM fan

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There are some of the popular brands that are making their name with the proper features and all the relevant functionalities. It is acquiring a good and productive set of functions that are way competitive to all other renowned brand ceiling fans. The effective features of this brand of fan help in the best possible ways to get rid of the sweaty environment. There are specific features that hold the key to exemplary benefits.

It is equipped with 100% pure copper winding that provides efficient benefit to the fan. With the exclusive high flow technology, you can get good airflow. The heavy CRC stamping helps the fan to acquire additional life. With aerodynamically designed balanced blades this ceiling fan can acquire a speed of 390RPM at large. This has an energy-efficient function as it is graded with 5stars that are meant for minimal usage of power.

This simple in design ceiling fan is loaded with excessive features that help to deliver cool and refreshing air. This is aptly suitable for those places that need massive airflows such as offices, homes, and other places. This size is effective for mid-size to large rooms. Get this ceiling fan as soon as possible and help yourself in beating the scorching summer of the Indian weather conditions.

What we like:

  • 100% pure copper winding
  • Aerodynamically designed balanced blades
  • 390RPM
  • 5stars being energy efficient

#8. Bajaj Archean 1200 mm Ceiling Fan (Bianco)

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This is one of the most affordable in the list of best ceiling fan under 1500 Rs. in india. With this amount of features, you will get the possibility of experiencing a cool environment in the hot and humid summer season of Indian conditions. This ceiling fan helps you in the best possible ways. The features are way extensive and provide excessive relief to the user. By opting for this renowned brand you will get all the access to the effective features.

The sweep length of 1200mm makes it quite apt for maximum air delivery to every corner of the apace. The motor comes with a power of 73watts that helps it to get efficient energy. The air delivery provided by this fan is specifically at 210CMM. The double ball bearings are responsible for increasing the load-bearing capacity. The durability of this fan is way ahead of the price attached to it.

It is one of the ceiling fans that come with 2years that provides stress-free usage. The side bend blades make it quite durable and specifically helps the blade to get damaged. This fan is known for its ultimate speed and style. It is quite good for every office, home, and commercial space. Apart from the ceiling fans, this brand has a plethora of products that are efficient and productive functions.

What we like:

  • High air delivery rate
  • Side bend blades
  • Long-lasting
  • Ribbed Blades
  • Blade stability

#9. Inalsa Sonic 1219mm Ceiling Fan (Pearl Brown)

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There are some of the brands that produce quality products from a massive period. Though they have not gained their fair share of popularity, the extensive features help them to acquire a good standing among their peers. If you are opting for this brand of ceiling fans then you will surely be able to get the maximum value for your investment. As this price tag, it helps you in the best possible ways.

To combat the rising heat and humidity, this fan has some of the effective features that help the user to get maximum out of this. The whole body of the fan is made up of rust-resistant material that helps to attain longevity. With the double ball bearing, you can get smooth operation. The motor is also included in a way that helps to decorate your interior. The blade of the fan is coated with rustproof powder.

This new range of ceiling fans comes with a very effective motor that also provides smooth and quiet functioning. Enjoying the breezy air due to this appliance is way easy. At this price tag, these immense features are way effective and helpful. The design of this product speaks for it as it can help to complement the interior of your home.

What we like:

  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Rust-proof body
  • Corrosion-free powder coated body
  • Lightweight
  • Durability

#10. Sameer 24 Gati High-Speed Ceiling Fan (Brown)

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There are some of the local brands that provide extensive features. This is one of the best ones that make it to this list among the renowned brand due to its effective functioning with all these features you can get additional access to the features. With this set of ceiling fans, it is quite easy to acquire the best approach for the summer season.

It consists of a powerful motor that is capable of providing effective speed. The dynamically balanced blades provide effective airflow with minimal worries. The motor has a speed of 850RPM which is one of the highest among all the peers. The sweep size of 600 mm helps to get airflow at every corner of the space.

The package includes Ceiling Fan Motor, Blade Set, Down Rod, and Shackle Fittings. Apart from these, it is equipped with 1year of warranty that enables the user to use it freely for the maximum period. It is way perfect for a contemporary setting in your bedroom or living room. With this fan, you should get ready to take numerous compliments from the visitors.

What we like:

  • Powerful motor
  • High-quality material
  • Stylish design
  • Thermal overload protector
  • Crafted for speed

Buying guide

While buying any of the products people get confused about the extensive functions they require. They either opt for those functions which are way aesthetic or those which are not at all needful. To combat this situation and helping them out to get towards an intelligent buying decision, this buying guide is formulated. This will help you take a grab of effective attributes that should be considered before buying best ceiling fans under Rs 1500:

  • Speed 

This is one of the foremost attributes that should be considered by every buyer while buying a ceiling fan. This doesn’t only help us to get a grab of the efficient functioning, but also helps us to get the air delivery functionality of the fan.

  • Motor

In everything related to motion, it is very important to get all the relevant information about the motor. This will help you to get all-around information about the efficiency of the motor. Before buying it is very important to get a hold of the motor specifications.

  • The material of blades and body

The material of the blade and the fan helps in the best possible ways. The design of blades and material holds the key to air delivery. Apart from these it also provides maximum durability and longevity.

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Final words

The above review provides a holistic approach to the low pricing ceiling fan. These products are way effective and helps the people in the best possible ways. Apart from the informative list of the products this excerpt consists of the buying guide that helps in finalizing a good product concerning their different attributes. There are two of the best products that have different attributes that keep them apart from their peers. The first one is Bajaj Edge 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown) that has effective functioning and features that make it quite apt for Indian weather conditions. It has the best in class sweep length that increases the airflow. Apart from this the Bajaj Archean 1200 mm Ceiling Fan (Bianco) in the second-best ceiling under the price tag of Rs 1500 helps in the best possible ways to the users in the scorching summer conditions. If you are opting between these two, then you are surely going to get maximum value for money.

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